Sunday, January 24, 2010

Case 39

Case 39!
That is the movie i watched with my friends and also her!
I would rate this movie 5/10 but since i watched with her
it would be higher i suppose. Oh yeah, guess that i missed the
chance to tell her that she was beautiful and i noticed that
she was wearing wedges. :)
Alright, I got to head to the field now and hopefully no one
aim my ankle again during the football match. I still can
feel the pain till now.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


It has been 2years since i leave my high school and yet i still remember every moments in SBU. I wasn't even holding any position in my class but i still seat in front :) All i can say i miss all of them! In my heart now kind of missing one particular person too. I do not know should i tell her that i miss her or not.... Scare it turns out to be something bad.

Girls come and go but that will be one who stay deep in the heart.

She is the one! :)

Listening Owl City - Cave in (nice song)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This would be my first post without pictures.
Now is 3 o 'clock in the morning and my mind is so confuse.
I was clicking here and there on Facebook, so happen
i came across this girl profile and i viewed her pictures.
The thing is when i look at her pictures my feeling for her
came back again. I do not know what is the right thing to
do. The last time i spent a night going out with her, many
incident happened and I'm glad that i was there to solve
her problems however she is the type of girl who is independent.
The best thing about blogging is i get to express my feeling through
writing. When i get on the bed, lying down, closing my eyes I definitely
think about her before i fall asleep and i shall name my post "S" as
it is related to her. :)


Monday, January 4, 2010

Port DICK son

Sorry again because I didn't update my blog
as often as last time. Since we have nothing to do
so we went to PD to drink haha. Although,
it was not really fun at first but things turn out to
be awesome as the sun sets. Most of the pictures
i upload on my facebook.

David Bean & Cally

This is the problem when you have nothing to do
Therefore, CAMWHORE!

Can't help it too big liao ler.

Models. xD

Guy moaning
Any homesexual dude can look for him.
Adrian Joseph Sankar. =P

Life ar...
Honestly there is nothing you can do in PD in the evening.

When comes to night, the party starts!

Kath and Bryan

After one round of bacardi,
we headed down to the beach!

Cally, you should be thankful i didnt throw
you into the sea.

Girls, always the one who potong steam.

Push up in the sea water.
How we end up in the sea water!?
Simple thanks to Alvinder he pushes me into it so
as a friends of mine all must go in.
The best part is we wrestling in the sea water!
The amount of sea water i took in enough for a year..

Jogging along the beach at 3 in the morning!
Freaking cold!


Alvinder sand-made cock.

Sorry to the person who own this car!
We actually leave our botols and maggi cup on this dude car.

Shower beside the pool with our underwear.
To check out alvinder's underwear do visit my Facebook. haha

5 in the morning
At that time just finished our JD.

Let him sleep 5 more minutes.

David Bean and Alvinder
sleeping in the living room.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

HO... HO... HO...
Merry Christmas ;D

This is the girl who i celebrated my xmas with,
this is the girl who brought me go loklok,
this is the girl who made me drive all the way up to genting @ 2am,
this is the girl who save me from getting scolded from my mum haha.

Where do we celebrate our Christmas eve?
LaundryBar at the Curve

Snowman @ Bryant.

I know i made your day, Bryant! haha

Next, David...

Follow by Bean!

I thought i be heading back home after the
celebration but ....

Awww so sweet...

End up at Genting.
That time was like 2 in the morning.
Seriously, it was super cool up there.

Reached home around 6am..
Although it was a tired night driving back home
from genting but such an unforgetable moment.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pink Martinee @ Mist

A wonderful night although I was kind of no mood for it
at the beginning. Firstly, congrats to Jeremy for completing
his SPM so we decided to celebrate with him at the club.

Met Ashley&Cally there.

I just felt the world is like so small. Met Adrian and the gang.

Flaming boy.


Next time, Illusion shot again?
Seriously, don't know why they call it Illusion.



Be patient 18 soon to come.

When the party kick start.

We ordered:-
4Long Island Tea
2 Flamings
4 illusion shot.

Love the music there.

That's the night when i completely forget about her
and not only for that night. It would be a long time.
I would love to wait for her till i'm old but it seems
like she does not care whatever things i had done.
Anyway, is like every sentence there would be a full
stop and mine is here. Hopefully, i would find the right
one for myself.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Inez's Sweet16

Happy Sweet16 Birthday Dungu!

It was Inez birthday so we went out with her to celebrate
@PiccaDelly. Right after I bought her a puppy from pyramid,
it started to rain heavily and i fell down. The next thing I
know my car bumper got knocked by a doink doink Gen2.
Anyway, it was not her fault. Hope she did enjoy the little

Chocolate Indulgence Cake.

Everyone in PiccaDelly was watching the Liverpool
game but we were singing birthday song in the middle
of the crowd. It was so funny....

We had some tiger beer there.

The birthday girl.

Dino's master pieces.

Finally, you knew what was the last surprise!
After dropping her back home, went to meet up
with the guys for shisha&KSS session...
One more thing do i look like a gaytard with this hairstyle?
I feel it does!